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6 Tips to Combat Dry Winter Skin for Men

As winter fast approaches, you need to be ready for the skin challenges that come with it. Dry skin in winter isn't just uncomfortable; it can be a real hassle, especially if you're into shaving. But don't worry fellas, we've got your back.

Here are seven tips to keep your skin healthy, happy, and well-hydrated during the cold months.

1. Choose a Gentle Cleanser

When selecting a face wash, opt for a gentle, hydrating cleanser. Harsh, alcohol-based products can strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation.

Look out for products that contain hydrating ingredients, for example Aquaxyl. This ingredient helps the skin to retain moisture which is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin, especially in winter months.

2. Hydration Starts from Within

Staying hydrated is crucial year-round, but it's just as important during the winter. Cold air and indoor heating can dry you out. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated and helps maintain its natural moisture balance.

A bit of science for you - your skin is made up of many layers, now the top layer - which is called the epidermis is made up of cells that are mainly composed of water. When you’re hydrated, these cells maintain their optimum water content giving your skin a plump and healthy look.

3. Moisturise Religiously

Daily moisturising should be non-negotiable, especially in winter. Choose a moisturiser with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, or ceramides. Apply it right after your shower or cleansing your face to seal in the moisture.

Remember if you have oily skin, you also need to moisturise. Failing to moisturise oily skin means that your skin will create more oil.

4. Shaving the Right Way: Prep and Protect

Shaving can be tough on your skin, especially when it's already dealing with dryness. It’s important to look after your skin when shaving all year round but you might find in winter your skin is more susceptible to irritation.

An easy but effective shave routine would look something like:

1. Before shaving, wet a cloth with warm water and press onto your beard to soften the hair and open up your pores (taking a warm shower just before also works)

2. Apply shaving cream or gel, this will help to create a protective barrier for your skin

3. After shaving apply a soothing aftershave balm or lotion to calm your skin and aid its recovery

5. Sunscreen in Winter? Yes, Everday!

Although it feels like the sun has completely vanished during winter it can still cause damage, UV rays are still able to harm your skin, even on cloudy days. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or skincare with built-in SPF everyday.

Aim for a minimum SPF of 25 to protect your skin, especially if you spend time outdoors.

6. Exfoliate Wisely

Exfoliating your skin is important to get rid of dead skin cells however in winter it’s important to remember that your skin is much more sensitive and prone to dryness during these colder periods.

If you exfoliate multiple times a week and you’re finding that your skin is drying during colder months then reduce down to once or twice a week and always moisturise after.

Winter is coming...

Winter may be harsh, but your skin doesn't have to suffer. Follow these tips and you can keep your skin in tip-top condition, even when the temperature drops. Remember gentlemen, healthy, hydrated skin not only feels better but looks better too.


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