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Where Does Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Fit in Your Skincare Routine?

You've got your hands on some anti-wrinkle eye cream (hopefully, it’s our new AGE DEF-EYE instant lifting eye cream), and now you're wondering – where does it fit into your current routine?

Continue reading to find out exactly where and why you need to start your war on wrinkles in this order…

Skincare Routine: Where does anti-wrinkle cream fit?

Your skincare routine is a process, whereby each step prepares you for the next one, so ordering your routine in the best sequence will mean your routine is much more effective. Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Cleanse: Start with a clean slate – wash away the dirt, grime and pollutants.
  2. Tone: Prep your skin with a gentle toner to minimise and clear your pores.
  3. Serum: Introduce stronger active ingredients, giving your skin a boost.
  4. Moisturise: Lock in hydration and nourishment.
  5. Anti-wrinkle eye cream: Smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles or crow’s feet.
  6. SPF sunscreen: Remember to always wear SPF every day, rain or shine.
  7. Concealer/BB Cream: Cover blemishes on your perfectly primed face.

Why After Moisturiser?

Nobody is stopping you from slapping on your skincare in any order that you fancy. However, if you’re spending the money on quality products, then it makes sense to have them working in synergy with each other. This way, you’ll see much better results from your routine - and won’t be wasting your products and time.

For instant-effect eye creams, you want to apply these after your other skincare products so that the results can be clearly seen and are not reduced or covered by other products like a moisturiser. SPF should always be applied as one of the last steps of your skincare routine though.

Creating a Smooth Finish

The finale – applying your anti-wrinkle cream before your concealer or BB cream. This isn't just about skincare, it's about giving yourself the best possible chance of a flawless finish.

By applying the anti-wrinkle cream before makeup, you're ensuring a smoother application and minimising those fine lines that can cause creasing.

How to apply an instant effect anti wrinkle cream

Let's break down the application so you get maximum benefits:

Step 1: A gentle squeeze of the product – a little goes a long way.

Step 2: Dab lightly around your eyes, giving extra love to those telltale signs of age and gently massage it in.

Step 3: Patience, gentlemen! Let the cream absorb fully before you move on to the next step of your routine.

Final Tip

Use your ring finger (the one between your middle finger and pinkie) to apply anti-wrinkle cream to your undereyes. This should help stop tugging or rubbing on the gentle skin around your eyes as this can cause more wrinkles!


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