We challenge gender stereotypes.
We reject toxic masculinity.
We embrace a new era in
men’s beauty.

Cosmetics are no longer a signifier of femininity. Our mission is to offer everyday men easy-to-use cosmetic products with unique formulas, specifically designed for men’s skin.


1. Testosterone stimulation makes male skin, on average, 20-25% thicker than female skin.

2. Extra sebum production means male skin is oilier and shinier than female skin. As a result men are more prone to impurities and acne.

3. Due to more active sebaceous glands, men tend to have more and larger pores than women.

4. Shaving stresses the skin, so male skin can be more sensitive and reacts faster.


We understand that for most male consumers of cosmetic products, the overall trend is subtlety. The ideal is to look fit, fresh and healthy in as natural a way as possible. We also recognise that today’s consumers are on a mission to streamline their grooming routines, as the rising trend of hybrid multi-purpose cosmetics gains momentum. Our products have been designed to meet those expectations. With our "skincare first" mindset, we combine clinically proven skincare benefits with high-performance cosmetic features, so our consumers can expect both instant visible results and longer-term skin health.


Simple and practical: easy to use, no fuss, beginner friendly

Multi-functional: SPF + skincare + conceal + enhance + soothe

Highly effective: immediately visible results for instant gratification

Natural finish: for healthy and fresh looking skin

Bespoke formulas: we own the IP of all our products' formulas, which have been meticulously created by our UK-based manufacturer's globally-renowned lab, tailored specifically for men's skin type and concerns.


Shakeup is founded by twin brothers, Shane Carnell-Xu and Jake Xu.

Born in Beijing and grew up in the UK, the brothers, who use cosmetics themselves, struggled for years to find the perfect products that were best suited for their needs. So after extensive research, they set out to create their own range of vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic products, designed specifically for men's skin type and concerns.

"Our dream is for Shakeup to be included in every man’s grooming and skincare routine, helping them look and feel their 100% every day! And as a proud British brand, we want to build a global reach to promote our liberal values and forward thinking attitude, and become a leader in men’s beauty."



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