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Why you need to stop using shower gel or shampoo on your face

Guys. It’s time you put down the 5 in 1 shampoo/shower gel/face wash/after shave/toothpaste. You might think you’re being skincare savvy by only having to buy one product for every hygiene need, but actually you could be causing more harm than good.

Keep reading to see why you need to stop using shampoo or shower gel as a face wash…

The pH balancing act

Shampoos and shower gels tend to have higher pH levels which can upset the sensitive balance of pH on your face.

The alkaline characteristics of shower gels or body washes can then unbalance the skin's slightly acidic natural protective barrier - this can cause you dryness, irritation and even breakouts.

Oils (the good kind)

Your skin has natural oils that help to stop it drying out, protect it from pollutants, plus lots of other good stuff.

The problem with using a shower gel on your face is that although it will remove the visible dirt and grime, it will also strip off your skin's natural oils meaning it loses its natural protection and moisture barrier so you’ll be more prone to damage and irritation.


The skin on your face is much more sensitive than other areas of your body and therefore it has different needs too. Shower gels can contain harsher ingredients that can cause redness, itching, and irritation when used on your face.

Face washes however are made with the sensitivity of your facial skin in mind, they can also be formulated to help combat a particular skin issue like excess oil, dry skin or breakouts. So they’re not only less likely to irritate your skin, but they can also help you tackle another issue that might be bothering you.

Dry Skin SOS

As already mentioned, shower gels are great at stripping your face of all the good protective oils that keep your skin healthy. What this is likely going to mean for you is painfully dry skin. We’re talking itchy skin that feels tight and uncomfortable plus prone to flakiness which isn’t pleasant for you or anyone else.

Clogged Pores

Shampoos and shower gels can contain ingredients that can clog facial pores, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts. This is because the face has small pores, and using a product not designed for it can exacerbate these issues.

Benefits of using a face wash

Now you know why you need to stop scrubbing your face with shower gel, here are the reasons you should substitute it with a face wash…

Face washes help to:

  1. Reduce dead skin cells giving a fresher complexion
  2. Remove dirt, grime and excess oil to stop acne, blackheads and spots
  3. Help other skincare products used afterwards to absorb properly
  4. Get rid of toxins in the skin that can cause premature ageing
  5. Avoid irritation as they are formulated for the sensitive skin on your face

Its time to face the facts

The skin on your face deserves specialised care, so throw your all-in-one in the bin - or just use it for what it’s intended to do. You might start to notice that your spots clear up, your skin is less dry and maybe even some of those wrinkles are looking a bit less noticeable!


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