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As a Skincare and Beauty Therapist, Baronetto knows the best tricks in the industry for getting your skin to look AND feel 100%. He believes good skincare should be tackled from the inside out! Read more to find out how he tackles his dark circles and what he does to prevent wrinkles.

What is your beauty skincare saviour?

First of all, eat nicely! By eating lots of vegetables and fruit; especially chronic and seasoned fruit. You’re going to see your skin change. Clean eating has a huge impact on your natural glow and brightens your skin.

Also, every morning I have a small shake of Collagen and that’s it. It’s really that simple. Discover more simple grooming tips can definitely help boost your confidence here.

How do you unwind on a Sunday?

Saturday and Sunday are normally the days my partner is off work. We love walking, going to the park and shopping in the centre of London. When the weathers nice, we enjoy a trip to Brighton- we love it there! It’s a great place for a walk on the beach and a nice brunch together.

What’s your favourite go-to weekend breakfast?

We love to change it up… We enjoy healthy options like granola with honey, fruit, Greek yoghurt and espresso coffee. And always with lots of water.

Or sometimes we have bacon, beans, eggs, French toast, fruit, orange juice and of course, more espresso coffee.

We basically love everything, obviously we’re Italian so we eat good!

What’s your favourite Shakeup product?

As a Skincare and Beauty Specialist, I haven’t ever found a suitable product for my skin... but I have now!

LET’S FACE IT and EYE EYE CAPTAIN are my favourites... now and forever. As Italian men have a bit of a darker tone skin, I use the Medium shade and apply a bit on my forehead and cheeks. It’s very easy to blend in with a soft massage. The colours on your skin are going to be evened. You can’t feel it on your skin- it’s completely natural.

The Under Eye Concealer & Moisturiser is my favourite because I hate the dark circles under my eyes. I just put a little bit under my eyes and tap with my finger. The dark shade disappears- you’re instantly going to look fresh faced. I also love that they're both vegan and cruelty free.



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