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When you want to feel your best, you tend to take care of your outside appearance before anything else. This can include your fitness, how you dress and even your skincare. Either way, looking your best on the outside will usually positively impact how you feel on the inside! This is a mentality Shakeup Founders, Jake and Shane constantly preach.

Watch the chat below to see why they believe taking care of their skin actually boosts their confidence or continue to scroll to read the full interview.

what impacts your skin confidence?

When my face is overly bad, I get very self- conscious about it. In the afternoon, I usually use oil patch paper or will mattify it somehow with Spray or Powder but that really affects my confidence. Check out our SET & DONE 3-in-1 Facial Mist

Especially if my face is red as well, I just look really flustered. My skin just looks like a glazed doughnut… it's never a good look. You look fresher when your face is mattified.

Before business meetings or meeting friends, I want to look fresh, healthy and clean. I don't necessarily want to turn up with a very red face so that really affects my confidence.

How does taking care of your skin boost your confidence?

I think when you are looking good on the outside of course it’s going to help with your inner confidence. I know this sounds quite skin deep or superficial, but it’s true that everyone likes to look their freshest and best version of themselves. Especially if you’re going on a date, out with friends, to a job interview or meeting new clients, of course you want to look your best right?!

Skin is such an important part of it because it’s almost part of your identity. You feel so much better when you have clear skin… So, I think it is very closely linked between confidence and your skin.

Some skin issues like rosacea, for example, you have to stick to a really healthy diet. I go to the gym every day and try to drink as much water as I can throughout the day but some conditions aren’t that easy to cure or to fix. So, using skincare x makeup products or a little coverage to make me feel better about myself, that’s quite important to me.

Why not try these to kick start your skincare routine?


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