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You have added a new product into your skincare routine but instead of your skin looking healthy and clear, all you have to show for it is more spots. Before you give up on your skincare altogether, stop and think: “Is this acne or is my skin going through a purge?!”

Acne and skin purging can appear very similar, however there are noticeable differences between them. Keep reading to find out what is going on with your skin and the changes you can make to help it!


Acne and individual breakouts are caused by the build-up of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells in your skin’s pores.

This dirt in the pores can lead to:

    • Whiteheads
    • Blackheads
    • Pimples
    • Small red spots

      Acne can be harder to treat and doesn't normally disappear on its own. Therefore, you will need to use targeted ingredients in skincare products to assist you in getting rid of the spots as safely and cleanly as you can.


A skin purge is what happens when you introduce a product into your skincare routine that your skin isn’t used to yet. This new product, such as an Exfoliant, will bring the dirt from underneath your skin onto the surface, causing spots to appear on your face. Unlike acne, these spots will usually appear suddenly and only last around four to six weeks before your skin starts to clear up.


Purging is a necessary process for your skin to go through in order to get used to a new skincare product. Once you introduce that new skincare product into your routine... be patient and consistent with the usage in order to get the best skin benefits!

Please note: if your skin purging lasts longer than six weeks, then you may need to seek Dermatological advice.


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