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Picture this: You're back to normality after a year of ‘all things online,’ finally getting back into the swing of being around actual people again when all of a sudden... BAME you’re hit in the face by an angry combat of acne. Nothing instantly helps so you try all the things in the world to stop it.

Is this sounding all too familiar? Keep reading to discover how to reduce your very obvious enemy.

Like us, you’ve suddenly found yourself in a viscous acne cycle.
My self-confidence is still riding the rollercoaster that was 2019. I was completely under the impression that being back to reality would remove anything closely linked to ‘MASKNE.’ Why couldn’t my skin be this problematic when we were locked in doors.

We’ve complied the best tips to tell you, (…and as a reminder to me) what NOT to do when trying to prevent or get rid of your acne.




DIY skincare a.k.a Home Remedies is all over the internet at the moment, be it on Pinterest or TikTok, it’s hard to avoid the experimental trend.

However, this does not mean you should use them daily!
Skin care products are developed for months by Professionals to ensure it’s the perfect formula. Take it from us, we consult weekly with experts to tweak and trial our products, so they contain the correct ingredients at the exact percentages to give you the best results.

As fun as DIY skin care can be, it probably hasn’t been put through the same high level of procedures. Anything that involves ingredients that may not be formulated to actually be used on the skin won’t be your dream quick fix or provide outstanding results! It’s more likely to aggravate your skin as supposed to help it, trust us.

Unless…you are a child prodigy of skin care and in that case please get in touch - we’ve got a role on our team for you.


Scrubs are used to get rid of the dead skin cells on the that may be building up on the face or body, however these physical exfoliants are way too harsh for the face! If you really want to use a physical exfoliant than using it for the body would be the best solution!

Although we advocate exfoliating, we DO NOT mean these types of scrubs. Sugar-based scrubs are extremely harsh to use on the face and often worsen your acne as it’s a extremely sensitive area of skin. They are also known to increase redness and damaging your skin cells and in turn damaging your healthy skin.


Skin care products usually take between 2-3 weeks to see the real benefits depending on the product (some may even take 6 weeks).

So, don’t throw the towel in when you don’t see results immediately! It’s completely normal and NOT a reason to feel disheartened and give up your skin care completely. It is worth looking into the products you use and seeing how long they usually take before you see the impact. We would recommend speaking to your dermatologist about the ingredients you use and how long they take to benefit your skin.

Healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight! If you have been using the product for a long time with no obvious results, then that would be the time to stop and try something else.

❌ LASTLY…DO NOT PICK! (we’re checking)

This may seem like an obvious one but surprisingly this is hardly ever followed.

Your hands will carry the most bacteria and just as picking a scab hinders the healing process, the same is said for spots. Your face is in its own healing process and picking these spots will not only slow down this process but can also increase the situation by adding bacteria from your hands on to your face. Now that doesn’t sound like such a hygienic thing, now does it?

Overall touching your face is just a big NO-NO.

If you have found these tips helpful or you have found other tips that you have found helpful in the past, then send us a DM on our Instagram: @menwearshakeup as we would LOVE to know!


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