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How long does skincare take to work?

It’s no secret that when buying skincare, you expect to see noticeable results. But how long should you wait before trying out a different product or switching to another brand of men’s skincare?

Continue reading to find out how long it typically takes for the most popular men’s skincare products to start taking effect…

Face Washes: The First Step to Clearer Skin

Time to see results: 2-4 weeks

When using face washes, the key to achieving results is consistency. Generally, within two to four weeks of using a face wash twice a day, you can expect your face wash to be effectively cleansing your skin of excess oil, dirt, and impurities.

What to look for: Signs that your face wash is working include; a reduction in acne and other breakouts, reduced oiliness, improved skin texture, and a refreshed complexion. Remember to choose a face wash formulated to your specific skin type and concerns to maximise the effectiveness.

Serums: A Boost of Active Ingredients

Time to see results: 4-6 weeks

Serums, with their active formulations, can deliver targeted benefits to your skin. Depending on the specific concerns you are addressing, the time to see visible results may vary.

What to look for: Typically, within four to six weeks of regular use, serums can help minimise fine lines, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and improve overall skin tone and texture. Patience is vital with serums as they work beneath the surface to enhance your skin's health and appearance.

Toners: Restoring Balance in Men’s Skin

Time to see results: 1-2 weeks

Toners play a crucial role in restoring your skin's pH balance and refining its texture. With daily use, you can begin to see results within as little as one to two weeks.

What to look for: Toners help tighten the pores, reduce oiliness, and prepare your skin to better absorb other products in your skincare routine. By incorporating a toner, you can expect a more even complexion, reduced redness, and a revitalised skin appearance.

Moisturisers: Hydration for Healthy Skin

Time to see results: 2-4 weeks

Moisturisers are essential for maintaining healthy and hydrated skin. When consistently applied twice daily, you could expect to see results within two to four weeks. Moisturisers provide hydration, prevent the loss of moisture, and help to reinforce your skin's natural protective barrier.

What to look for: Over time, you may notice improved skin elasticity, reduced dryness, and a more supple complexion.

BB Creams: Conceal, Protect, and Perfect

Time to see results: Instant

BB creams that contain skincare ingredients can provide both instant and long-term results. Immediate results include; reducing the appearance of blemishes and redness, evening skin tone and protection from the sun. There are also, however, longer term skincare benefits to wearing BB creams for men.

What to look for: Usually within four weeks, BB creams can contribute to improved skin texture, hydration, and a reduction in the appearance of imperfections. For men seeking a minimalist and natural looking approach to skincare, BB creams are a perfect option.

Something to keep in mind…

When starting to use a new skincare product there is the chance that your skin will go through a ‘purge’ before you begin to see the benefits. This is when the dirt deep within your skin is brought to the surface by the new product which can cause temporary spots - not to be confused with acne. By continuing to use your new product, your skin will finish the purging stage after 4-6 weeks.


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