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Skin aging is a common insecurity most men stress about as they start to age. With little information on how to tackle aging skin for men, it’s a process most men succumb to without preventing the changes! Luckily through the education of his older sister, Shri has managed to prevent the aging process earlier, by his skin care routine and knowledge. Read more to find out his biggest skin insecurities: aging and pigmentation.

What is your biggest skin insecurity?

The skin issues I suffer from are pigmentation and skin aging. Skin aging, as I’m getting older, is my main concern. You can see the signs of aging on my skin more and more.

My skin tone changes from Winter to Summer. In Summer I am darker, so it’s not as visible. In Winter, my skin does get lighter and you can see the pigmentation. You can see certain parts of my skin get darker.

What does your skin pigmentation look like?

My skin does look patchy, so you can see certain parts of my skin gets darker. It’s also worse because of the acne I had when I was younger. In summer my skin gets darker so it’s not as noticeable as in winter months, although it is worse in England when we have no sun!

Where do you find skin care knowledge?

I learnt quite a lot from my sister because she is 5 years older than me. She taught me a lot about how to hydrate your skin and using skin Toners. The most important thing I learnt from her was what products to choose according to my skin type because we have similar skin. It really helped!

What skincare products work for your skin issues?

I need to maintain a good skincare routine. I’ve copied that from watching my sister; taking notes and seeing what products she uses! I look for products that are really hydrating to nourish my skin. I find products like FACE 4WARD Moisturiser make a visible difference to my skin tone. I am a really big fan of Hyaluronic Acid for anti-aging because the ingredient deeply penetrates the skin. It makes your skin look younger and firmer!

I’m 40 this year so as I’m getting older I’m paying more attention to skincare products and looking after my skin more than I used to! Discover the benefits of a Moisuriser here


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