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Norway: Shakeup in the Streets

We’re pleased to share some exciting updates from our recent trip to Oslo. The Shakeup team had the opportunity to meet with our amazing Norwegian distributor, Skintific, and their local advertising agency, ANTI, to celebrate the launch of our brand and new campaign in the Norwegian market.

Expansion in Norway

We're delighted to announce that Shakeup products are now available in hundreds of Apotek1 and Vitusapotek stores across Norway, marking an important landmark in our growth journey. The product offering includes a number of the UK’s favourites including Face 4Ward Face Wash and Moisturiser, Age Def-Eye, and the popular You Do The Mask, all of which have been well-received by Norwegian consumers.

ANTI Campaign

ANTI, an award-winning Oslo-based agency known for their innovative approach, has developed a campaign aimed at challenging traditional notions of male skincare. This campaign aims to ‘remind men they have a face’ and encourage the habits to embed Shakeup into their skincare routines.

Seeing The Campaign in Action

During our visit to Oslo, we had the opportunity to observe the campaign's impact first-hand and visit pharmacies where our products are now available.

The outdoor campaign features striking images displayed across 600 bus stops in Oslo, showcasing a trio of three men using Shakeup products in various everyday scenarios. If that wasn’t enough, Skintific also commissioned a cinema-based campaign, which will be running before screenings of Dune 2, to challenge perceptions around male skincare and break down barriers associated with using preventative products.

Stay Updated

We're excited about the journey ahead as we continue to collaborate with Skintific and ANTI to promote positive changes in the skincare industry!

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