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Everyone of us has their own insecurities as a man, this could be linked to your appearance or something deeper. All are valid but hardly spoken about when it comes to the male community.

We wanted to take a dive into the insecurities of our Shakeup models: to identify what they are, if they’re affected more due to being a man and how they combat them, so they feel comfortable in their own skin.

Watch the full interview below to see why they believe taking care of their skin actually boosts their confidence, or continue to scroll to read Owen's story.

What challenges have you faced that have made you feel less comfortable in your skin?

"I guess the main challenge is ingrown hair because it's something black skin suffers from more. When you shave, particularly under your chin, you get ingrown hairs sometimes because the hair curls back and that's just a genetic thing."

Do you think these challenges are enhanced because you are a man?

"Men have larger pores in their skin than women, so subcutaneous filaments and stuff like that do become more obvious."

What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin?

"Knowing how to manage skin conditions, treat them and deal with it. And how to get the best out of my skin- that’s what makes me feel comfortable now."

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