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Everyone of us has their own insecurities as a man, this could be linked to your appearance or something deeper. All are valid but hardly spoken about when it comes to the male community.

We wanted to take a dive into the insecurities of our Shakeup models: to identify what they are, if they’re affected more due to being a man and how they combat them, so they feel comfortable in their own skin.

Watch the full interview below to see why they believe taking care of their skin actually boosts their confidence, or continue to scroll to read Luke's story.

What challenges have you faced that have made you feel less comfortable in your skin?

"I wasn't always this thin, I put on a lot of weight through puberty. I received quite a bit of bullying and that did make me feel very self-conscious. I went through a period of having lots of spots as well and I was really self-conscious of that. Those experiences have definitely shaped me and helped me become a better person. I’m stronger and a bit thicker skinned. But at the time, that did knock me back and the bullying did hurt a little bit."

Do you think these challenges are enhanced because you are a man?

"I'd say the typical stereotype of ‘men not wearing any sort of makeup’ means that if a guy has loads of spots, he can't really hide it. He just has to embrace it and let that become who he is. Women wearing makeup can turn themselves into who they want to be. I think maybe there is a deep-rooted difference."

What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin?

"I feel comfortable in my skin because I want to be. I feel like there's situations where I could be more nervous than I am. Through experiences in the past, learning to accept myself for who I am and not caring what anyone else thinks about you.

YOU are your own person. You're put on this planet to do things for yourself. I feel like I'm more confident than ever and I'm stronger as a person. You only live once, be you."

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