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Everyone of us has their own insecurities as a man, this could be linked to your appearance or something deeper. All are valid but hardly spoken about when it comes to the male community.

We wanted to take a dive into the insecurities of our Shakeup models: to identify what they are, if they’re affected more due to being a man and how they combat them, so they feel comfortable in their own skin.

Watch the full interview below to see why they believe taking care of their skin actually boosts their confidence, or continue to scroll to read Adam's story.

What challenges have you faced that have made you feel less comfortable in your skin?

"I got diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 18, obviously being a model, you've got to have as perfect skin as possible. I found that quite tough because I was modelling for brands with T shirts on and I had blemishes all over my skin."

Do you think these challenges are enhanced because you are a man?

"In my younger days it would because it's not seen as a very ‘manly’ thing to do. I'm not really ashamed to talk about it as I get older."

What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin?

"I think age is the thing- as you get older you think differently. Now, I'm not ashamed to say that I do take care of my appearance and my skin.

I also lost my hair when I was 25, I was completely bald. I've since had two hair transplants so just having hair again has boosted my confidence. As I get older, I'm happy to talk about it whereas before it was quite a sore subject because again, men, I think, struggled to talk about the insecurities more than women, I suppose. I'm quite open and honest about it now."

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