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Beginners guide to shaving…

For a guy, shaving can be one of the most stressful parts when entering that next stage of your life…believe us, we’ve been there. So, we feel qualified enough to say this blog contains the most successful tips to make your shaving stress free!

Live by these holy grail methods and shaving won’t cause you to breakdown or break out because let’s be real, entering 'manhood' is enough of a struggle.

1. Sterilize your razor

Your razor is constantly touching your skin and picking up loads of bacteria with it. So, if it’s not kept clean this can easily lead to razor bumps, razor burns and nasty infections around where you shave. Learn more about the differences in skin conditions and products that help.

Here’s how to disinfect your razor in just three simple steps:

  1. After shaving, rinse your razor with water (preferably hot)
  2. Then dip your blade into rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) to disinfect it. This can be purchased in Highstreet stores like Boots or Amazon.
  3. Keep your razor in a covered, dry place like the Bathroom cupboard to protect from unwanted dust and moisture.

2. Remember to replace blades

After about 4-6 uses, depending on your beard style or growth rate, your razor blade it will start to become dull. DO NOT persevere, (especially not out of laziness) it's a sign to make sure you change it. Dull blades cause more cuts than sharp ones as the razor doesn't glide over the hair but "catches" it more.

If you are the type to shave less frequently then change the razor blade every couple weeks instead.

3. Don't buy cheap blades

It's a false economy, good quality blades will last a lot longer.

4. take your time

Make sure you have a shower first before shaving. That helps to soften the facial hair and open the skins pores. Most cuts and nicks come from rushing to get out the house in the morning- just take it nice and slow.

5. Use Witch Hazel

Lastly, don’t forget your post-shave routine!

After shaving, make sure that you finish your routine with a product that can cleanse and soothe the skin. This ensures the reduction of bumps and red irritation on your skin.

We recommend a product that contains Witch Hazel. Our HYDRATE IN A HURRY reduces inflammation as well as stimulating skin repair, to keep it looking as fresh and healthy as possible!


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