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Our skin is the largest organ we have so it makes sense that we have to take care of it as best as we can. Despite this, many people still neglect their skincare and due to the stigma around skincare being a ‘feminine’ act, these issues are worse within men. In order to change this stigma, you need to understand the skin conditions that men suffer from and more importantly, how to fix them.

Here’s our Top 5 skin conditions and advice to help you on your skincare journey.


Despite the myths, acne can affect every age, not just teenagers! We know, shocking. For men this concern extends further than the face, acne can also be found on the back and on the chest. There are many triggers such as poor diet, environment or lack of skin care but a big cause for acne is sweat. Sweat can cause dirt to become trapped inside the pores of the skin so it’s as important to cleanse your back and chest, as well as your face, after a workout.

Preventing and fixing acne is a JOURNEY that doesn’t ‘fix’ you overnight, and the only person that knows your skin and what it likes is YOU (and probably a paid dermatologist).

To cleanse, we would recommend:

YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Kale + Green Tea Cleanser

SIMPLE Micellar Facial Gel Wash

For a stronger cleanser, look for one with Salicylic acid in like this:

CERAVE SA Smoothing Cleanser


Rosacea is a skin condition that affects a lot of men in the UK but is hardly ever spoken about. This condition can cause swelling, prominent redness on the face, as well as acne-like spots.

As a brand, we feel passionately about this condition, click here to learn in-depth what it is, and how to tackle it.


Sebum production is usually a lot higher in men’s skin compared to women. (In simpler terms this means that men tend to suffer more from oily skin). A lot of us men don’t moisturise, due to fear it will make our skin a lot more oily - this is simply NOT TRUE.

Moisturising is so important no matter your skin type because it...
• Reduces skin problems
• Fights wrinkles
• Keeps your skin healthy and young!
• Combats excess oiliness if used correctly

Find the right moisturiser for you:

VERSED Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream

Or, our HYDRATE IN A HURRY Moisturiser Stick leaves your skin feeling moisturised but not oily! This product also has ingredients that soothes the skin as well as hydrates such as Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E

KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

Watch our founder Jake's evening routine video here.


A big issue we find men face with their skin is the effects that shaving has on their face. Shaving can cause dryness, bumps and flare-ups so making sure you are on top of your shaving hygiene is really crucial. Get some tips to help you keep your healthy skin before and after shaving here.

Try Aloe Vera for a cheap and easy solution to your razor rash


“Men between 15 and 39 are 55% more likely to die of melanoma than women in the same age group.” This means SPF NEEDS to be the most important aspect of your skincare routine. Please, if you take any advice from this blog post, make it this.

Here’s SPFs you need to introduce to your daily routine:

SUPERGOOP Unseen Sunscreen

THANK YOU FARMER Sun Project Water Sun Cream

KIEHL'S Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50


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