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This Sunday in our skin care series, social influencer James Cowe took over our profile for the day to talk all things self-care and skincare (with a little bit of Shakeup). James suffers from dark circles around the eyes which he finds makes him look tired. Read more to find out his weekend morning routine if he’s going out or needs a pick me up when he’s tired.

What is your Sunday morning skin care routine?

So, I normally start around the eyes because then I can build round it and have a good base to start. I normally apply the under-eye concealer with a brush because the really helps me out and gives me even coverage. I use EYE EYE CAPTAIN in Shade Light because I want to brighten around my eyes and not darken them. I roll it on under my eye area and add a bit on my eyelids as a highlighter. It’s so quick and easy, you literally just blend with a brush. The idea is that obviously it is makeup but that you look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. As a bloke, I don’t want to look like I’m covered in foundation or anything. This just conceals that issue of dark circles.

Then I add the tinted moisturiser, LET’S FACE IT which is such good coverage, and it gives you a glow to your skin. I use the Light shade; it acts like a foundation but is sheer coverage so won’t cake on your face. It just makes you look like you have naturally healthy, glowing skin. It’s what we all want isn’t it? I apply a few small dots and blend in with a brush.

What’s your favourite Shakeup Cosmetics product?

The Under Eye Concealer, EYE EYE CAPTAIN which I absolutely love. It just wakes me up when I’m down, (not literally) it looks like I’m awake when I’m not! It’s what I need in my life.

What’s your favourite go-to weekend breakfast?

I would have to say it’s probably avocado on toast, I always mix it with sweet chilli- something I've always loved!

How do you unwind on a Sunday?

Well to be honest with you- I don’t! I work 24/7 or it seems that way. I’m always on the go and I’m quite active so I don’t really wind down, I more wind up. To wind down, I would say when I’m exhausted, I watch Netflix. I literally sound like a nutter.

Watch James’ full skincare Sunday.

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